You know your customers. We know and understand Asian manufacturers.

We are Experts at

Our multi-lingual teams will help you get your production in Asia right from the start to prevent all parties from incurring unnecessary costs. We are Asia sourcing experts with a focus on reducing costs, increasing quality and providing excellent service to our clients. We source products from both inside and outside our network to find the best manufacturing companies with the most reasonable pricing.

Our Typical Sourcing Approach

1. Understanding your needs: Email us a detailed description of the products you are looking for, along with photos or samples, if possible.

2. Finding suppliers: We will then identify and locate potential suppliers through our various networks.

3. Evaluating suppliers: We will conduct on-site evaluations of the suppliers to assess their capabilities, capacity, credentials, facilities, production line management, workforce, and more.

4. Analyzing suppliers: We will request samples from each potential supplier and put together a comprehensive list based on quality and price.

5. Choosing the right suppliers: We will send you prices and samples from the top-ranked suppliers.

6. Closing the deal: If you are satisfied with our solution, we will constantly negotiate with the best conditions with the right suppliers. We will also supervise the quality of management of the manufactured products and ensure on-time delivery.