Quality Control

Train suppliers, nurture quality

Quality ​over Quantity

In the long run, the only way to safeguard any businesses’ prosperity is through the quality assurance of the products and services the business provides. And because quality is of such great importance to our clients, we work to establish the highest standard of quality possible.

Experienced Team​

Our team of both locals and bilingual westerners, provides a professional level of inspection service. We work hand-in-hand with you and the manufacturers to maintain a high quality standard for the manufactured products.


Our office is located relatively close to tens of thousands of manufacturers. It is easy for us to regularly request samples and visit sites to address concerns on your behalf to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

We work hard so you won’t have to worry about…

Pre-production Inspection

Our Factory & Environment Assessment (FEA) covers the environmental and ethical production conditions. The Pre-Production Check (PPC) covers the respective production specifications as per your requirements. This tailor-made, third party assessment can be combined with the Factory Quality Assessment (FQA), where the evaluation of a factory can be made, prior to placing an order, in accordance to the your needs.

In Process Quality Control

The IPQC is an on-line inspection of products as available during production to confirm product compliance. Monitoring the production process reduces the risk of substandard quality and works to ensure that all other aspects of contractual obligations are met. The earlier the detection of possible execution shortcomings, the more efficient and effective it would be to initiate corrective actions.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Final Random Inspection (FRI) is the detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment. It is generally conducted on the premises of the manufacturer, on samples selected according to defined sampling procedures. The inspection criteria covering quality, quantity, marking and packing are based on your specifications and reference samples, as provided. Upon completion of FRI, a detailed inspection report is sent to you and our inspection certificate is issued to the supplier if all findings are positive.

Container Loading Supervision

We ensure your goods are loaded in a proper manner and that the containers are not defective or unsanitary. Damaged containers i.e. broken welding seams, gaps etc. especially on the roof, create a high risk of water damage from either sea water or rain.