Liya Solutions

We make it easier for small and mid-size businesses to lower costs and remove risks associated with sourcing products in Asia. We provide local, professional, uncompromised sourcing and quality control services to their exact needs.

We Help You Increase Your Competitiveness

Outsourcing manufacturing overseas allows companies to reduce costs which in turn benefits their customers.

Experienced Team

Our experienced Management Team is mostly composed of North Americans who were born or have been living in Asia for years. Combined with our local teams and expertise, we serve our global clients efficiently.

Located in a World-leading Manufacturing Zone

We operate out of Suzhou, a thriving metropolis of 13 million inhabitants located, about 100 kilometers from Shanghai.

Thousands of IT, high-tech, iron & steel, electronic equipment, and textile factories are located within a 200-kilometer radius. Suzhou’s manufacturing is well-refined, and the residents are also highly educated.

Suzhou is a highly developed economic region in China, and is the economic center, industrial, commercial and logistical hub city of Jiangsu province; Suzhou’s residents are also highly educated compared to the rest of China.

Peace of Mind

We take care of sourcing, supplier relationships, and quality control in Asia so you have peace of mind while taking care of your business at home.

Worldwide Presence

We provide strategic sourcing solutions to clients worldwide.